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Nobles County Library
Internet Policy


It is the policy of the Nobles County Library to provide free access to information to users of all ages.

Users wishing to access the Internet at the Nobles County Library must agree to comply with the following:

Rules of Conduct:

  • Internet computers will not be used for illegal activity, to access illegal materials, or to access materials that by local community standards would be obscene.
  • Users will obey copyright laws and licensing agreements.
  • Users will not make any attempt to gain unauthorized access to restricted library or Internet files or networks, or to damage or modify computer equipment or software at the library or at another location by using library connections.
  • Users will not disclose, use, or disseminate personal information of their own or of others.

Library employees are authorized to take prompt and appropriate actions to enforce the Rules of Conduct, and/or to prohibit use by persons who fail to comply with the Internet Acceptable Use Policy as stated or implied herein.  To preserve their own personal safety, users should avoid disclosing personal information over the Internet.  Parents are responsible for their children’s use of the Library’s resources and facilities.  Parents are requested to monitor their children’s Internet use.

Access to Internet Workstations

  • Users must sign up to use the Internet in person or by phone.
  • Access sessions will be limited to one half hour, unless otherwise authorized by library staff.
  • Users must end their session and leave the terminal when asked to do so by authorized Library staff, even if they have not completed their access session.
  • Upon completion of an Internet access session, a user may be required to wait before signing up for another session.


The Library does not maintain a record of what information library users search for on the Internet. Internet users are cautioned not to disclose personal information while using the Internet. Furthermore, a library user cannot be guaranteed complete privacy by the Library while using the Internet or other electronic resources.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

  • Installation, downloading, or modification of software is prohibited.
  • No more than one person may use a computer, unless prior arrangements have been made with staff.
  • Prompt payment is required by users who incur charges for printing or other authorized fees.
  • Users will respect the privacy of other users, and will refrain from attempting to view or read material being used by others.
  • Patrons may download data from the Internet; however, no personal discs or CDs may be used.  If a patron wishes to download, a disc must be purchased at the desk.  However, once the disc leaves the library, it may not be reused in the library computers.


  • Internet sites which contain sex, pornography, nudity, violence, and foul or suggestive language shall be filtered by the WatchGuard WebBlocker filtering service.  The number of sites filtered may change as the listing changes with software updates.
  • Staff immediately upon request from any adult will turn off filters.  Staff will not question the reason for the request.  An adult is defined as anyone 17 years of age and older.  We reserve the right to ask for proof of age if deemed necessary.
  • Filtering is not perfect.  Thus, the software may under block some sites and over block others.  Consequently, searches for some subjects may not produce results.  Also, some sites that should ordinarily be blocked may not be at times.  If you have questions abut your search results, or the sites, please consult the staff.
  • Minors (patrons up to the age of 17) will have access to the Internet using designated terminals.  These terminals will be filtered.  Filters will be turned off only for requests for access to sites needed for academic and/or scholarly research. Adults also may access these terminals, but minors have priority.
  • This policy is binding upon all members of staff and the public, regardless of age.  This policy is in accord with the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), passed by the U.S. Supreme Court, June 23, 2003.  The Library receives federal funding to support the cost of public access to the Internet.  Therefore, the Library is required to filter the Internet.

Wireless Access

The Library’s Internet use policy applies to any laptop used to access the Internet through the Library’s wireless connection.  The wireless Internet connection will be filtered and all prohibited sites blocked. Wireless users are responsible for assuring that their computers have the correct configurations and hardware. Staff is not responsible for troubleshooting, nor can the Library guarantee that user’s hardware and software will be compatible with the Library’s wireless service.


The Library does not assume responsibility for the validity, completeness nor currency of information obtained from the Internet. Also, some information obtained from the Internet may offend some library users. Parents of minors are responsible for their children’s use of the Library’s Internet connections.

The Library expressly disclaims liability or responsibility arising from access to or use of the information obtained through its electronic information systems or consequences thereof. The Library assumes no responsibility for damage, theft or loss of any kind to a user’s equipment, software, or data files.

Therefore, in order to use this resource, I agree to the following:

  • I agree to abide by the guidelines above.
  • I agree to use the Internet responsibly.  I accept responsibility for the content of any messages I post.
  • I will not introduce computer viruses.
  • I will be responsible for any hardware or software damage I cause.
  • I will be responsible for any cost incurred as a result of my Internet activities.
  • I shall not access pornographic sites.
  • I shall abide by the Filtering Policy of this Library.
  • I have read the above policy, and I agree to its terms.  I acknowledge that failure to follow these rules of conduct may result in loss of Internet privileges

Approved by the Nobles County Library Board
May 20, 2002.
Revisions approved by the Nobles County Library Board,
June 17, 2002, July 14, 2003, October 20, 2003, April 9, 2007.

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